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United Grain


The challenge: Create an updated brand that conveys progress and forward momentum while maintaining the rich history of the grain export company and paying homage it’s established identity.

The ambient process: Through comprehensive discovery and strategy, develop a brand system that visually delivers a modern look with simultaneous respect for United Grain’s brand history.


United Grain Brand before Ambient makeover


United Grain Brand after Ambient makeover
United Grain Collateral Markup


The challenge: Create a digital presence that sets United Grain apart from its competitors and creates an advanced standard for digital management of grain import/export, it’s audience can interact with it.

The Ambient process: Design and develop brand-aligned website with integrated interactive buyer and seller systems to manage bids, check weather and easily identify locations and commodities. Including employee login database for quick access to company brand rollout components, and other important resources.

United Grain Website Design by Ambient